New Anti-Bullying App and Facebook Page Offer Help for Victims and Parents


I’m sure lots of you look back at your time in school and remember witnessing at least one bullying incident that still bothers you to this day. Unfortunately, not only does the problem still exist, but now it’s got social media as a platform as well. Some very moving stories are found on the Facebook Page “Firefighters Against Bullies”, which you can visit by following this link.  Be sure to like their page to show your support (and ours at, of course!)

The following is information regarding a free app available to combat bullying from Michael Lissack, the Executive Director of the Institute for the Study of Coherence and Emergence.

“Bullying is a pervasive problem in America which has plagued our children for decades. While there have been great efforts to spark change, bullying continues to affect between 25-33% of children across the country. Shockingly, 70-85% of bystanders do not take action. Relying on the goodwill of bystanders and teachers is not enough.More than 70% of all children will be bullied at least once during their K-12 years.
You can takes steps to reduce this scourge. Be sure to tell your students and parents about The-No-App™ — the only smartphone app which empowers the victims of bullying and their parents.The-No-App™ is the first anti-bullying app which immediately alerts parents to problem interactions AND creates a record of the person(s) bothering the child. This app helps create peace-of-mind for both the young user and his/her parents. It delivers a clear message to whomever is bothering the child, immediately alerts his/her parents that something may be wrong, and creates evidence of who was harassing the child. It is also a tool to give parents an excuse to talk to their children about staying safe.
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More information at our website —
Please tell your friends and associates and help us spread the word.
Empowering your child is an important step to their mastering the situation and moving past it. “

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