Recently Decatur Fire has offered promotional exams to fill several vacant spots within the organization. While we intend to go into greater detail about each of the newly promoted personnel (we already started with FAO Bostic in our last entry) we will take a moment to mention and congratulate them all at this time.

We had three personnel successfully complete the testing for Fire Apparatus Operator. This is the person responsible for safely driving the crew to an incident, spotting the apparatus properly, operating the pump and hydraulics, and safely and effectively utilizing the aerial ladder. These three personnel were (pictured left to right), FAO Bostic, FAO Curtis and FAO Alexander.

bostic curtis alexander

We also had two personnel promoted to Lieutenant, a position that is responsible for training, supervision, scene operations and filling in for the Captains in their absence. These two personnel were Lt. Sardine and Lt. Menard (pictured below left to right).


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  1. Roger Schuppert says:

    Congrats to all!

  2. Ronald williamson says:

    Lt.Menard was a officer at Riverdale fire and did a great job for us there. You have a great asset in your Dept. with th

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