Decatur Fire and Police Work Together: Tactical Kits and Safe Needle Disposal

The City of Decatur Fire Department is excited to be working so closely with the police department through cross training. Sergeant Christensen from Fire and Sergeant Bellis from the Police Department met to discuss the new tactical medical kits the fire department prepared for PD. The two sergeants discussed every element of the kits’ use and contents. They agreed the kits will be of great value to the responding police officers when dealing with the rising occurrence of opioid over doses. The kits contain the auto injector of Naloxone as well as several items that would also serve to provide some body substance isolation for the officers while treating individuals. The kits will be critical when the police department responds to an emergency situation but it is not safe for the fire department to enter the area. These new supplies allow officers to aid in some massive trauma scenarios that may occur with victims or other officers.

In addition, the kits contain items such as clotting materials, trauma pads, tourniquets, gloves, masks, and eye protection, a value of approximately $700.00. The police department is now establishing an account with the medical supply company that the fire department uses so that PD can keep the bags current. The fire department gave a full- in service training to include written protocols, hands on training, and a question and answer portion. Both sergeants confirmed the training was not only helpful for this project but, it brought light to some other areas on which the fire department and the police department can work together and train. The police department has started a needle and drug disposal program that fire was able to assist with also. A disposal container and some basic safety precautions were distributed to PD to help make this new program safe and successful. Residents who take unused or expired medicines to the police department for proper disposal, now have a container for their needles as well.

  • These are but two examples where fire and police are coming together to work as teams in public safety for the good of City of Decatur residents. Both departments hope to do more projects and training in the upcoming future.
  • Author: Captain Ninetta Violante
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