2016 Decatur Fire Food Drive Invitation

this-is-what-food-banks-actually-need-m3tu1Q-clipartThis year Decatur Fire Department is hosting another Holiday Food Drive. We have always received enormous amount of community involvement and we would like to have Decatur’s young citizens participate as well. Decatur Fire is extending a friendly competition among the young citizens by conducting a Food Drive campaign within our elementary schools. The class which collects the most non- perishable food items in pounds in each school will receive an Arts & Crafts Party courtesy of The Decatur Fire Department. The goal is to have each Elementary School be a part of this competition for a worthy cause.

The Food Drive will be held for one week: November 8-November 14. Decatur Fire Department will collect and weigh-in food items November 17th. The principal will be notified of class collection amounts by lunch time. The Arts & Crafts Party with the firefighters will be held before the Thanksgiving Holiday Break on November 19th or 20th, 2015 pending the class preference.

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