A Shout Out for School Safety!

DSC04944-300x225“This morning, August 12th, 2016, Winnona Park Elementary practiced its first fire drill. Principal Greg Wiseman had the alarm pulled at 8:15a.m. The elementary school teachers and children were exemplary in their evacuation of the school. The students and their instructors moved quietly but rapidly out of the building to safe distances away from the structure. Mr. Wiseman was proud of the fact the building was emptied in 2 minutes and 10 seconds, and every student was accounted for within 4 minutes. He was critiquing the situation to note where the school could improve safety and smooth exiting of personnel. The only area of improvement noted was for all doors to have their door stops removed so no doors were wedged open. This firefighter has a sneaky suspicion though that Mr. Wiseman may dress up as a fire for the next drill. He may try to throw a wrench in their consistent success and make the teachers think about what they would do if their standard plan could not work. The City of Decatur Fire/Rescue Department is proud of Winnona Park’s emphasis on safety and being prepared. Way to go Wildcats!”

Written by City of Decatur Fire/Rescue Captain Ninetta Violante

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